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• OuiCare is maintaining and managing a home for underprivileged children providing maternal-care, child-care and opportunity for formal education.

• OuiCare provides health-care services to the rural population by conducting medical camps for children, women, adults and the elderly.

• OuiCare conducts camps for leprosy in collaboration with government health department.

• OuiCare also organizes.. DONATE NOW.

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Why help Us


OUICARE is a Social Development Organization ( in India, Pondicherry). Our most...

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Core Values

OuiCare are many Core Values Adaptqbility,Commitment,Confidence... Humanity...

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Our Vision

OuiCare's dreams seem idealistic for present day societies. However making little efforts ...

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OuiCare's goals are simple, straightforward and strive to fulfill some very basic requirement to ...

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Our Role

OuiCare has been working constantly day-in and day-out to provide a proper platform for guidance and...

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Need Of The House

While the economy of India has grown rapidly in the past decade, the country's public health, education...

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OUICARE aims to support the underprivileged Indian population (especially women, children and the elderly) which is either poverty-stricken and/or in poor health by providing them with proper education, basic health care and vocational training for self-sustenance. OUICARE aims to create sustainable projects on various issues like education, environment, hygiene, self-defense, medical aid, children and women support, intercultural exchange, etc. all of which will transform today's ambitions into tomorrow's success. Architecto velit sequi fuga minima commodi, porro vitae officiis, minus voluptates ab. Dolore, dolor repellat quasi. OUICARE aims to empower each of its beneficiaries with the means to build steady foundations to reconstruct their lives by conducting several workshops, awareness campaigns and training sessions while collaborating with and involving as many volunteers as possible.

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