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OUICARE is a Social Development Organization (A registered Charitable Trust (NGO) in India, Pondicherry). Our most dedicated effort is to support the underprivileged and the unfortunate Indian population, particularly in Health and Education areas, which enables them to lead a normal life, a life with dignity.
Mr. AZATH MUBARAK Founder of OUICARE, is a young and dynamic IT graduate running his own company 'AUROINFOTECH'. Pondicherian by birth he wished to make a difference to the underprivileged cross-section of Pondicherry by improving their living conditions thus raising their standard of living. This urge resulted in the creation of OUICARE. OUICARE is a Pondicherry-based Charitable Trust meant for social development through humanitarian, social and educational services, maintaining always high ethical standards. OUICARE also wishes to build goodwill and peace in the community. Its most dedicated effort is to support the underprivileged and unfortunate children in and around Pondicherry, particularly in Health and Education areas, enabling them to lead a normal life. Presently OUICARE is managed by Mr. Azath, Founder & Managing Trustee and a Trustee Mr. MANIKANDAN. As and when the need arises, OUICARE shall expand its board of administration to a maximum of five trustees to be able to enhance its performance.


Adaptability - to be flexible and adapt our ways to cater to the needs of the people. Commitment - to successfully complete each project. Confidence - to bring effective relief by gaining confidence of the people and by encouraging them to open themselves to us. Dynamism - to handle every person and each project with equal vitality. Enthusiasm - to maintain high levels of enthusiasm for every project. Ethics - to remember always our high values while rendering unbiased service. Humanity - to deal with utmost compassion towards all our beneficiaries. Humility - to remain humble at all times while interacting with people. Involvement - total involvement with the issues at hand. Passion - passionate identification with the work. Respect - to respect all human beings. Solidarity - united we can make a difference. Transparency - to be transparent in all dealings. Willpower - to be determined to bring about the necessary change. Our Location Terms and Conditons Contact Us Privacy Policy Auro Infotech


OUICARE dreams of creating exemplary societies where every child, irrespective of gender, can grow into a beautiful human being through a secure environment of love, affection and care where every child, irrespective of gender, is provided an equal opportunity to education where there is communal harmony because the differences of caste, creed, cultures, religions do not matter and 'being human' is the most important factor where people genuinely care for each other and collectively strive for betterment of their lives by helping each other where men and women respect each other and share equal responsibilities for taking care of their community OUICARE's dreams seem idealistic for present day societies. However making little efforts through awareness programs, opportunity to education, creating understanding and harmony, OUICARE shall strive to fulfill its dreams and turn them into an ever-growing reality.


OUICARE's goals are simple, straightforward and strive to fulfill some very basic requirement to the underprivileged population without differentiating between gender, religion, political affiliation or social status. These objectives are: To provide education and care to children, especially girl-children To provide education to youth and illiterate persons To empower women and the growing youth through training programs for self-employment bringing self-sustenance To protect women and empower them through basic self-defense training sessions To provide basic medical care to the underprivileged population through its several medical camps To inform and educate the population on diseases like cancer, diabetes, hypertension, AIDS/HIV etc. To hold blood donation campaigns for saving lives To promote intercultural exchange between countries and help people to bond more closely together in mutual friendship To create awareness regarding environment and help protect it in several easy ways To create awareness on various other issues like hygiene, waste management etc.



MISSION HUMANITAIRE is presently our esteemed partner which is guiding us, supporting us and working alongside us in our endeavor to help the underprivileged. We are very grateful to MISSION HUMANITAIRE for bestowing upon us its financial support, manpower and expertise and for making the medical camps successful


Village children suffer greatly from vitamin ‘A’ deficiency which causes loss of vision. For the vitamin ‘A’ to be effective de-worming medication is a necessity. VITAMIN ANGELS are providing free vitamin ‘A’ tablets and de-worming tablets ‘Albendozole’ for the children and OUICARE has taken the responsibility to distribute these medicines as effectively as possible to the children living in the rural areas.


In order to empower girls and women, OUICARE is organizing self-defense programs at schools, colleges and universities with the collaboration of ACTION BREAKS SILENCE. The aim of ACTION BREAKS SILENCE is to help the girls feel more confident, self-reliant and be able to defend themselves if flight is not possible through a four hour program comprising of demo, classes and motivational talks.

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Need Of The House

While the economy of India has grown rapidly in the past decade, the country's public health, education and hygiene systems face enormous challenges. The growing income disparity between the rich and the poor has served to highlight the lack of access to primary health and quality education and appropriate awareness to the deprived, destitute and poverty-stricken people. This has prompted OUICARE to begin an initiative to help bring about changes that will be beneficial to the society. OUICARE wishes to contribute its efforts towards this herculean task. Keeping in mind a strategic vision for its evolution in order to increase its outreach and self-sustainability OUICARE has already initiated: Partnerships with local and foreign NGOs Fund raising programs Sponsors identification and fundraising application Event organization Relationship with local and national authorities.

OUICARE has been working constantly day-in and day-out to provide a proper platform for guidance and help to solve various problems, i.e. children's education, creating local employment, providing health camps for the downtrodden and the deprived, bringing awareness for women's safety, providing security to underprivileged children, holding intercultural exchange, etc.OUICARE co-ordinates and links the foreign and/or local volunteers with the city's helpless and needy through the various programs/camps for motivation and guidance etc.OUICARE also facilitates obtaining approvals from appropriate local authorities for its various projects and subsequent follow-up camps.

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We would appreciate your support to help us in our effort. Donate now to support the underprivileged and to enable them to lead a normal life. Your will girls get access to formal schools and quality education, provide maternal and child health care services, promote sustainable livelihoods and respond to disaster for relief and rehabilitation and support disaster preparedness. GET INVOLVED! Contribute in making a difference today. Your donation will help create a better tomorrow and will promote sustainable livelihoods