How OuiCare Help the Under Privileged Indian Population ?

Volunteering - Maasila'Home

For a smooth functioning, growth and development of an NGO, volunteers are a necessity. OUICARE offers many volunteering opportunities to its incoming volunteers in its various on-going projects as well as in upcoming new projects. All the volunteers will be provided with the necessary infrastructure to make their stay at Pondicherry comfortable, enjoyable and fruitful. If you have a passion for community service and/or wish to become a part of the growth and progress of OUICARE's various programs for its beneficiaries, please email a covering letter and your CV to or fill in OUICARE's inbuilt-form in 'JOIN US - PARTICIPATE'.

OUICARE is maintaining and managing a children's home for underprivileged girls aged 4-12 years and presently 15 girls are being supported under its care at 'Maasila Home'. All the girls have to attend school, follow the discipline of the home, engage in co-curricular activities provided at the children's home, learn to live in harmony and help each other. OUICARE is also providing for all their basic needs of life, nutrition, entertainment and also creating interest in co-curricular activities. Round the year Maasila Home can accommodate in its premises two volunteers who wish to interact closely with the children and/or create interest in various cultural and social activities and/or spend time with them. Interested volunteers are invited to contact OUICARE for further details.


Having interacted with the underprivileged Indian population while conducting several camps, OUICARE realized that the children are the worst affected persons in rural areas, mainly due to malnutrition and neglect. This has to be primarily rectified since the good health of our children will ensure our nation's good health.

DTherefore OUICARE is conducting camps for children wherein volunteers teach the children about basic hygiene like brushing teeth, bathing, cleaning hands etc. Children are also encouraged to cultivate and maintain good habits and free tooth brush and paste are gifted to children.

OUICARE is also conducting programs to aid the children to have an all-round development. OUICARE prompts the children to embrace active citizenship, to work efficiently in a competitive environment and to effectively manage the turmoil of adolescence through awareness programs.

In the near future OUICARE proposes to widen its scope in the field of education by providing education to the illiterate adolescents and adults. OUICARE also wishes to offer various vocational training programs and job-oriented classes for helping the poor, the youth and the unemployed towards self-employment and self-sustenance.


On a regular basis OUICARE has been organizing medical camps and health awareness programs in the suburban villages surrounding nearby towns/cities in Tamilnadu. These camps aim to provide not only health services but to create an environment where the whole community is made conscious about health issues. By organizing these medical missions for the poor and the vulnerable, OUICARE strives to provide basic healthcare to protect human dignity.

OUICARE's medical camps include interesting fun activities for the youth and children on health issues, counseling for adolescents, screening facilities and entertainment programs containing health messages. The well attended health camps organized in collaboration with other health institutions are exemplary and provide a working model as to how health issues can be communicated to the community in an interesting and interactive fashion.

OUICARE's medical camps provide free treatment, general medical consultation, ENT consultation, free eye check-ups, HIV Test, dental check up, distribution of free medicines etc.

OUICARE also conducts awareness programs on Blood Donation. These campaigns highlight the importance of donating blood to save lives. OUICARE also facilitates the donors to be linked with esteemed hospitals and organizations through these events.


Each person is responsible in his/her own little way for maintaining the environment. The environment can be one's neighborhood or the world, the principles involved are the same because the needed changes are common. By putting in a little personal effort everyone can contribute on an individual scale to bring about world changes.

Waste management - Indian population being humongous, waste management is a day-to-day challenge. Small collective and categorized garbage systems need to be set up and maintained for speedy and effective disposal. Planting saplings and trees - Deteriorating climate is a harsh reality which is being caused by pollution, industrial waste, deforestation etc. Trees are an invaluable asset for preventing to some extent this escalating deterioration. Water management and harvesting - Water is the most priceless resource of our planet. Water gives life, water is life, without water we shall all perish.

OUICARE is already organizing events of planting trees, conducting awareness camps on waste management, water management and environmental issues in general. Join in OUICARE's efforts to protect our environment and help us make it larger and more fruitful.


'Charity begins at home' is an oft quoted idiom. But should one be charitable only to one's own family? There is a larger family of helpless and defeated men, women and children calling out to us, needing our help.

How can one reach out to one's larger family?

Make a donation Sponsor a child Sponsor a project Sponsor books for children sponsor medicines for the poor

Presently OUICARE is providing free 'First Aid' Medical kits to villages which are handed over to the village head. Some responsible persons are taught about first aid techniques for helping in basic emergency treatment.

OUICARE is also providing free learning materials to village children to encourage them to study and promoting basic hygiene by gifting them with free toothpaste and brush. OUICARE is providing free medicines through its medical camps as well as free pest-control medicines for Malaria and free Chlorine Medicine for Waterborne Disease. These are some ways through which OUICARE is doing its charity work, but only sky is the limit when you truly want to help someone. Dream, innovate and contact us for turning your dreams into reality.


The world has grown smaller due to technological development but humanity is lagging behind in becoming united. OUICARE tries to promote 'Human Unity' by organizing events where people of different cultures and countries can come together, share their cultures and traditions and enrich each other. These events are fun-filled, educative, offering a common platform to different peoples to meet informally and understand each other. OUICARE invites all peoples of every country to engage with us, share themselves with us and celebrate 'Human Unity' with us. Innovative ideas and projects are most welcome!


Lack of valuable information causes fear of disease. Therefore OUICARE is organizing awareness programs on HIV/AIDS, Malnutrition, Diabetes, Tuberculosis, Dengue, Malaria, Waterborne Disease, side effects of Tobacco, hygiene, etc. and educating the rural population about these diseases and their required precautions. OUICARE is also providing free pest-control medicines for Malaria and free Chlorine Medicine for Waterborne Disease. Through these awareness programs OUICARE has been trying to reduce some very basic recurring problems/diseases found in the villages.


Children's home, Medical camps, Leprosy camps,Awareness programs, Cultural exchange,Self defense, Environment, Lend a helping hand, Self development, Volunteering, Proposed projects Lepers are shunned by society therefore they cannot easily avail medical care. However at OUICARE we believe that everyone is entitled for healthcare. Keeping this in mind, OUICARE has been organizing Leprosy camps with the support of Deputy Director (Leprosy), Directorate of Health Department, Villupuram, Govt. of Tamilnadu. In collaboration with Tamilnadu Government, OUICARE is helping the affected persons to avail good medical treatment. Camps are being organized at primary healthcare centers where more than 200 persons are attended to, their wounds cleaned and dressed and basic self-care is also taught to them. These victims of leprosy are now being treated regularly every two months and are being provided with proper healthcare.


OUICARE has come up with four new project proposals which are: 1. Project 'LEARN & EARN' Through this project OUICARE wishes to empower by teaching French the underprivileged and interested youth and help them to gain better employment and job opportunities. 2. Project 'VOLUNTEER TOURISM' Through this project OUICARE wishes to provide volunteering opportunities to the incoming volunteers while enjoying at the same time a cost-effective holiday. 3. Project 'MUSHROOM FARMING' Through this project OUICARE wishes to provide self-employment to people living in the rural areas in and around Pondicherry and Tamilnadu. 4. Project 'SPIRULINA FARMING' Through this project OUICARE wishes to provide self-employment to people living in the rural areas in and around Pondicherry and Tamilnadu. For further details contact us at


In order to empower today's girls and women OUICARE is organizing a four-hour training program in self-defense at schools, colleges and universities, teaching them the basics about self-protection through demo, basic training and motivational talks. These classes help the girls and women to gain self-confidence enabling them to lead their lives more fearlessly. OUICARE imparts basic knowhow regarding its various projects to all its staff, NGO members and volunteers, as well as training in computers wherever required. Keeping in mind its vision OUICARE proposes to design the most suited solutions for developing its activities in various fields. Thanks to frequent meetings round the year with staff and volunteers, OUICARE attempts to cultivate better understanding towards all its beneficiaries. By sharing experiences in these meetings, brain-storming and open discussions, OUICARE team learns, grows and effectively advances towards its aims and objectives. There is a long road ahead and a strategic evolution is necessary for greater outreach and self-sustainability. OUICARE invites all interested companies, corporate, NGOs, volunteers, individuals and each one who wishes to make a difference to join its cause.