Want to get more involved in OUICARE efforts to help Underprivileged Children?

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We would appreciate your support to help us in our effort. Donate now to support the underprivileged and to enable them to lead a normal life. Your will girls get access to formal schools and quality education, provide maternal and child health care services, promote sustainable livelihoods and respond to disaster for relief and rehabilitation and support disaster preparedness. GET INVOLVED! Contribute in making a difference today. Your donation will help create a better tomorrow and will promote sustainable livelihoods.


Show your caring support to OUICARE's efforts to help the underprivileged. DONATE NOW. OUICARE is maintaining and managing a home for underprivileged children providing maternal-care, child-care and opportunity for formal education. OUICARE provides health-care services to the rural population by conducting medical camps for children, women, adults and the elderly. OUICARE conducts camps for leprosy in collaboration with government health department. OUICARE also organizes health awareness programs on various health issues, environment, hygiene and cleanliness. OUICARE also proposes to enlarge its educational programs, to offer sustainable livelihoods to the unemployed, to grant relief to the natural disaster victims and many other similar projects in the pipeline.